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Investing has become much more complex than ever before. Availability and access to global markets and an ever increasing range of investment products has allowed some investment portfolios to become very sophisticated. The number and breadth of transactions associated with these portfolios presents both challenges and opportunities for taxpayers who actively invest. The tax implications related to these investments and related transactions are also intricate.


Balancing the complexity of the present investment environment, your unique interests and opportunities, and the tax implications of transactions within your investment portfolio requires a coordinated approach, expert knowledge and experience.

You provide ongoing information about your personal and professional goals, financial assets and resources, obligations, commitments, life changes, timelines and comfort level with risk.

Your Investment Professional will help you navigate through the intricate and changing investment environment over the long-term while continually adapting to your changing investing, tax and income circumstances.

Your Tax Professional will help you navigate through the complex tax implications related to your investment decisions and work in collaboration with your Investment Professional to ensure you realize the benefits of your customized tax efficient investment strategies.

Your Investment Professional is key to ensuring that you build a portfolio that will be best positioned to provide balance between the use of your current income, growth for the future, and the long-term security that you and your family require. Your investment portfolio may benefit from the expertise of Canadian and internationally recognized portfolio and money managers that manage your account on a discretionary basis. Your Investment Professional may also design and manage their own custom portfolio for you.

Your Tax Professional is key to planning and minimizing your tax bill. Sophisticated investors with complex portfolios will benefit from having a Tax professional with investments expertise. Tax reporting slips issued by your investment firm present only totals of some of the income and expenses related to your portfolio of accounts. Investment issues requiring specific tax treatments are best understood through examination of both detailed tax summary documents and your client account statements. The detailed investment statements that are produced for all of the investors within a single household unit are often more than most people can digest, especially for discretionary managed accounts. A tax professional with deep investment industry expertise and experience is ideal to help.


At PAISLEY PIKE, this level of investment complexity is our specialty – we understand the details related to the investments that you have held or continue to hold. We ensure the correct reporting of investment income and transactions for all family members. This includes the complex tax and T1135 information reporting of your foreign source income generated from your non-Canadian investment assets, and the recognition of properly documented income splitting and tax reduction strategies.

We work with your investment professional to minimize the taxes you pay. Paying less tax will, in turn, help you reach the financial goals that you and your investment professional have built into your financial plan.

At PAISLEY PIKE, CPA, we strongly recommend that you work with a trusted Investment Professional to provide advice about your investment needs. We actively work in coordination with your Investment Professional, to help you save on your taxes.

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