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As a corporate executive, your performance and commitment is rewarded with a compensation package that is much more complex and incentive driven than a salary alone. Your compensation includes financial rewards that recognize you for growing your organization, achieving organizational goals and reaching important milestones. These incentives can include bonuses, stock appreciation rights, stock options, deferred income plans, stock purchase plans, specific tangible benefits, and many other possible incentives. You may also be paid through Canadian and/or foreign payrolls.

Making the most of your opportunities is an important responsibility. Understanding the available compensation strategies will ensure you achieve your long term goals for you and your loved ones.


Your receipt of many of these forms of compensation will be deferred into the future, making managing and maximizing your current cash flow more intricate. Taxation differs between the various incentives and will be made more complex if any of your deferred compensation relates to periods working abroad.


At PAISLEY PIKE our goal is to maximize the amount of after-tax income you have available to meet your needs. This is done by:

  • Recognizing the unique opportunities afforded by your specific compensation arrangements,
  • Developing and applying a personalized long-term strategy for your tax planning,
  • Working with you to optimize your cash flow management, and
  • Managing the timing of the receipt and recognition of specific compensation amounts,
  • Setting plans in place with your trusted investment professionals.

By maximizing your after-tax income and cash flow, you will have more funds easily available to invest in yourself, your family and your interests – for right now and for the future you envision.


In addition to tax-based strategies, risk reduction strategies are important to your financial situation over the long term. The future is unpredictable, but being prepared for it isn’t. Planning for and insuring against potential risks is something that should not only happen in your career, it should be part of your personal plan as well. Whether the concerns are health based, or the result of corporate restructurings that introduce career changes, planning ahead will put you in a better position to adapt as changes occur.


PAISLEY PIKE starts with a promise to understand your current financial, tax and personal situation to better enable you to achieve your plans for the future. By understanding your priorities we help you arrange your financial situation and implement suitable tax-based and wealth management strategies. PAISLEY PIKE provides you with the benefits, control and peace of mind you desire. Working with PAISLEY PIKE your unique and changing interests are the focus of discussions today and in the future.

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