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Welcome to PAISLEY PIKE, ™ CPA

PAISLEY PIKE, CPA is focused on meeting the personal, trust and corporate tax needs of sophisticated investors, executives and business owners. We take an integrated view of your sources of income, your assets and how these can help you to achieve your financial goals. Through effective tax planning, we can help you to maximize your tax savings and improve your cash flow. Having more funds available to invest or pursue your financial objectives is the first step to building your personal wealth.

Every person and family will have unique personal investment, financial planning and tax planning needs.

Your success building and managing your personal wealth is significantly improved when you surround yourself with a solid team of professionals that you trust. At PAISLEY PIKE, we believe that everyone should have a trusted Investment Professional. We work with your chosen advisor.

PAISLEY PIKE clients have complex tax circumstances which often require year round support. These complexities may include: diverse investment portfolios, active investing, foreign assets, foreign income, trusts, corporate income tax, holding companies, and executive compensation concerns.

PAISLEY PIKE routinely works together with your existing Investment Professionals. We can also help you better leverage these current relationships by complimenting these with integrated tax planning

What We Do


Personal Tax

Corporate Tax

Taxation of Trusts

Advance Tax Rulings


Canadian Tax Elections

Adjusted Cost Base Calculations

Foreign Asset & Income Reporting


RRSP Overcontributions

Unreported Income

Adjustments to Prior Year Returns

Notices of Objection

Voluntary Disclosures

What We Do Not Do

Provide Audits, reviews or assurance engagements

Promote or sell specific investment or insurance products

Provide investment advice or financial plans

Don't receive compensation, directly or indirectly, from dealers, brokers, agents, product manufacturers or advisors who may sell investment or insurance products to clients

Send client files to or perform work through off-shore entities

PAISLEY PIKE is actively looking for "Bean Counters" that are far from ordinary to work with our knowledgeable and sophisticated investor, executive, business owner and professional clients. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to work in our highly collaborative environment...

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