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Leading edge solutions that build personal wealth for investors, executives and business owners

At PAISLEY PIKE, we recognize that your tax return and tax planning needs are as unique as you are. Your annual tax return reflects how you acquired and used your income. Your specific tax planning interests will reflect how you expect to earn and how you intend to use your future income. Whether you work for an organization or own and operate one, we can help you with your tax reporting and planning. Together, we can find the best tax strategies for you to minimize your taxes and maximize the funds you have available to do what you want.


  • Provide direct services
  • Build and/or create products
  • Develop intellectual capital
  • Deliver another unique value proposition to your clients

You may be beginning or established in your chosen professional field. PAISLEY PIKE clients are successful professionals in fields such as

  • Information technology and Fintech
  • Medical and health care
  • Law, engineering and education
  • Sports, entertainment, hospitality and media
  • Writing, publishing and journalism
  • Consulting

Your personal situation, interests and planning needs may be stable or changing in many ways. Some things to consider are plans or changes in:

  • Marital status
  • Children and other family obligations
  • Medical and health care
  • Education
  • Business succession planning
  • Retirement
  • Legal Matters
  • Your next “big thing”
  • Changes to Federal and Provincial retirement plans
  • Changes to Personal and Corporate Income Tax Rules and Rates

We serve a client base with dynamic and integrated interests, motivations and compliance needs. At PAISLEY PIKE, we take two approaches. Firstly, we maintain a respectful, confidential and sensitive treatment of your personal matters. Secondly, we provide integrated support to third party relationships with your legal and investment professionals, upon your request.


Corporate Executives


PAISLEY PIKE serves corporate executives by helping to unlock the after-tax income available to meet needs and interests by:

  • Recognizing the unique opportunities afforded by specific compensation arrangements,
  • Developing and applying a personalized long-term tax planning strategy,
  • Building strategies to optimize cash flow management,
  • Managing the timing of receipt and recognition of specific compensation amounts, and
  • Setting plans in place with your trusted investment professionals.

Business Owners


PAISLEY PIKE serves self-employed incorporated professionals and consultants in the areas of:

  • Accounting services
  • Financial statement compilation and preparation
  • Corporate tax return preparation
  • Tax planning and tax saving strategies implementation
  • Personal tax return preparation
  • Business planning

PAISLEY PIKE provides these additional tax related services:

  • Calculation of Adjusted Cost Bases (ACB) for long-held securities to conform with the Cost Base requirements of CRM2

You and Your Investment Professional

At PAISLEY PIKE, we want to help you build your personal wealth and save on your taxes. Tax planning is one piece of any wealth building plan. Your trusted Investment Professional will be able to suggest and implement many of the strategies and tax-saving investment solutions available to you.

As a result of work done on your personal tax situation, trust returns, financial statements, corporate tax return and analysis of your overall finances, you will be equipped with a more complete view and understanding of your “big picture” financial situation. This well-rounded knowledge and information will be available to you to share with your Investment Professional, at your discretion. Leveraging this information will give you and your advisors information required to strengthen existing plans and chose solutions that are aligned with your overall long term goals and plans.

Selection of any trusted Professional is a personal matter. Whether it be an Investment Professional, Tax and Accounting professional, Lawyer or Doctor. These face-to-face relationships address matters that are very personal and important to you. It is important that you be comfortable and feel confident with your chosen partners in these important professional relationships. This will allow you to have an open dialogues about your concerns and interests.

You may know these trusted investment professionals by a number of different titles; some of which include:

  • Investment advisor
  • Financial advisor
  • Private banker
  • Wealth manager
  • Investment counselor
  • Financial planner
  • Investment planner
  • Retirement planner
  • Account manager
  • Insurance advisor
  • Insurance agent
  • Portfolio Manager

PAISLEY PIKE routinely works with your professional investment and legal advisors. In the event that a PAISLEY PIKE client without an existing investment professional relationship requests help locating an investment professional, we always provide multiple potential referrals based on suitability of personality, methodology and expertise.

Your Investments May Have Hidden Tax Savings

Many corporate mergers between Canadian companies require shareholders to file a special tax election, through the Canada Revenue Agency (the CRA), in order to receive a tax deferred rollover. Similarly, when foreign publicly traded corporations choose to spin-off a portion of their organization, these transactions are often also granted a tax election opportunity by the CRA which allows taxpayers to avoid the T5 foreign dividend consequences of the foreign spin-off transaction.

At PAISLEY PIKE we can help you and your Investment Professional avoid immediate taxation of these specialized corporate transactions by preparing either the Section 85 or Section 86.1 documentation necessary to apply for the available tax savings opportunity.

Your engagement with PAISLEY PIKE includes a commitment to providing reliable and timely services, as well as continued support related to the work delivered under your specific engagement.

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